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Our Experience

Our Experience

Over the last 14 years we have enjoyed recording, mixing and mastering all kinds of albums. We have also produced award-winning audiobooks, radio shows, podcasts, advertising jingles, original music for brands and worked in the sound design for film and animation. We always put our heart in each of every project, working with the greatest technology and a super talented team of musicians and producers that will follow a milestone process in order to reach the client’s goals. We believe that everyone is here for a purpose and that music is our affinity. We are the frequency that helps materialize your projects. We are Planta Baja Studio.

Our Team

Germán Cotonat

Founder / Sound Designer / Music Producer

Germán is a producer, songwriter, musician, singer, and sound designer. He began singing at the age of 2, learned the drums at the age of 8, and started producing and writing his own music as a teenager. Germán has spent the last 20 years producing different genres like rock, pop, electronic and urban music among others. In the time of the pandemic his work has shifted from albums to focus on sound design for video and audiobooks. His work spans international clients including Turner Latam, MacMillan Audio, John Marshall Media and Workman Audio. He is dedicated to sustainability and his passion project is his work on environmental kids songs. Germán has a pitch-perfect ear and has a way of working with his music team to get the best and most original sound for our clients.

Diego Gómez Ferraro

Musician / Music Producer

Diego is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and music teacher. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina were he studied in The Buenos Aires Superior Music Conservatory "Manuel de Falla", and has a Professional Artistic Technician, Guitar Specialty. With a solid classical training in addition to a natural inclination towards the popular music, Diego is currently specializing in Jazz and fusion.

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